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A photo project by Christian Streili

Photographer Christian Streili would like to invite you to become part of a photo exhibition taking place in Hallein (Galerie KunstGemeinschaft FreiRäume, Bürgerspitalplatz 2) in Oktober 2013.

Couples of all ages, origin and walks of life will be photographed on the red sofa telling the story of how they met. One informal photograph per couple will be used in the exhibition adding hopefully to a large and diverse collection of couples. With your permission we would also like to audio record the session. Please feel welcome to come by for a glass of prosecco, a cup of coffee or whatever gets you in the mood for telling a story. The shooting will take anywhere between a half hour and however long you need. You will receive a digital copy of your picture to remember the occasion.
Please read and fill out the attached permission sheet and we will contact you about an appointment as soon as possible.
Permission sheet (contact form):

The exhibit was a great success and we look forward to continuing the project.

Contact and Studio address
Christian Streili, Linzer Bundesstraße 79, A-5023 Salzburg, +43 650 3534380,

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